Ford Fleet Care
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What is Ford Fleet Care?
The Ford Fleet Care Program is a parts and service billing program offered without enrollment or monthly use fees to those commercial fleet customers who choose to self-manage their fleet of vehicles. A single consolidated invoice replaces multiple Repair Orders or parts invoices, helping to save administrative time and cost.

Service Billing Features

Our Online Automotive Service Information System (OASIS) eliminates the need for drivers to carry program identification for service lane support. The National Glass Program OEM windshield replacement and repair is provided through mobile service at no additional charge.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance offers services beyond the new-vehicle limited warranty and Ford Protect Extended Service Plan:

  • 911 emergency dispatch
  • On-site tire change or replacement
  • Emergency fuel and fluids jump start and lockout assistance
  • Towing and winching
  • Call-ahead service appointment
Wholesale Parts Billing Features
The Wholesale Parts Billing Program extends the same billing convenience from the dealership’s Service Department through the dealership’s Parts Department, and is offered without enrollment or monthly use fees. It allows for Ford-authorized or Motorcraft® parts to be purchased over-the-counter at participating Ford and Lincoln dealerships or participating Ford-authorized distributors of Motorcraft brand parts. This feature can be utilized as stand-alone billing or combined with service billing.

Features include:

  • A dedicated parts account code and card issued for your convenience
  • Authorized by your designated company representative
  • The option of billing
Website Features

Available 24/7 for program maintenance, fleet support materials, online web billing and links to other sites.

Features include:

  • Download the Ford Fleet Care credit application to enroll
  • View your current bills online at your convenience
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT payment is available and provides a safe and cost-effective payment method, reducing the possibility of a payment being lost or delayed in transit)
Online Business Reports
Various business reports are available online at non-added cost for fleets with a Ford Fleet Identification Number (FIN). A valuable and secure source of information, online reports can be viewed or printed.

Some examples include:

  • Fleet Business Report
  • Repair Category Report
  • Vehicle Repair Analysis Report
  • Parts Report

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