Ford Commercial Service Plus

What is Ford Commercial Service Plus?
Ford Commercial Service Plus provides a comprehensive suite of fleet management products and services.

Commercial Service Plus Quicktag
The licensing and titling process for a fleet can be complex, time-consuming and quite costly. The Quicktag License Plate Renewal Program takes this tedious process off your shoulders and helps eliminate costly penalties from past- due license renewals. We also make it easy by including Quicktag licensing and registration services in the Quality Fleet Care centralized billing program.

Commercial Service Plus Fuel Card
The rising cost of fuel makes it important to track this variable expense for your fleet. Ford Commercial Business Solutions has an easy answer for you and your drivers while being a secure way to purchase fuel. This nationwide universal fuel card is accepted at more than 200,000 outlets representing more than 90 different fuel providers.

Accident Management Program
Commercial Service Plus HQ’s Accident and Subrogation assistance provides a cost-effective approach to this area of fleet management. Working under the policies and guidelines pre-established by you, Service Plus HQ professionals arrange repairs, accept invoices, set up alternate vehicles, and coordinate subrogation review and recovery. This service is applicable only to companies that self-insure for collision.

Ford Vehicle Remarketing
Ford Credit utilizes Ford-sponsored auction networks to help sell off-lease vehicles. This nationwide network features real-time Internet simulcast bidding to maximize vehicle exposure and prices. Ford TelematicsTM Powered by Telogis® Ford’s new premium telematics solution can make your business more efficient and productive while fostering safe driving across your fleet. A deep integration into your Ford vehicle provides a 360-degree view of exclusive metrics and driver behavior, and gives you the total visibility and control you need to understand vehicle and fleet performance and transform any size operation. Ford Commercial Business Solutions Bringing you the best vehicles and world class consultation to your fleet operations. Let us show you the many ways we can save you time and money as your local commercial Business Solutions Dealer!

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